April 28, 2006

Ask the Sellers before placing bids

Most Ebay Sellers are using various tactics and deception in order to lure bidders. Most Sellers though placing a seemingly low price item on their auction, you should be aware that aside from the cost of the item, included in the sale is the Shipping & Handling cost. Some Seller would even separate the two making the gross price very expensive.

Other Sellers prefer selling their items locally so making a wrong bid could guarantee you an automatic negative feedback. Aside from that you should ask the Seller if there is a refund in case you are not satisfied with the transaction. Otherwise, abusive Sellers could invoke “ignorance of the law excuses no one,” therefore making you the one who should be blamed.

In case of multiple bids, some Seller does not combine purchases so you better ask if there is such condition provided. You might as well ended-up paying multiple shipping and handling fees. Aside from that, always discuss with the Sellers option of payment, insurances, terms of payment, and authenticity of the item in case the description does not fit or seem different from the images placed.

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