May 20, 2008

Mule, Double Denomination, Double-Struck, Pattern, What else can I say?

This set of coins is probably, one of the most unusual errors I have ever seen. These are 5 and 10-centavo coins, both were previously struck with only obverses but with different dates, the other set of dates belong to regular strikes 1967 and the other set with 1966 patterns.

Both coins were again struck around 1983 so the third set of obverse and reverse belong to the flora and fauna series. There are several rotations on both coins and what has made it more complicated, the 10-centavo specimen has its other obverse from the 5-centavo pattern. Thus making the piece a double denomination, mule, multiple-struck, pattern, rotated, etc.

I have never seen pieces such as these, and probably this set of coins is possibly unique. Aside from that, what made it become more intriguing are the plans used for both coins---aluminum, regular struck coins were bronzes therefore making both plans used as experimental since both are thinner and smaller than the regularly struck Flora and Fauna series.

Below are the images of the 10-centavo specimen:

Flora And Fauna Series "Baltazar Head" Obverse

Flora And Fauna Series "Pandaca Pygmeae" Reverse

1966 Pattern Strike Obverse 10 Centavo

1967 Regular Strike Obverse 5 Centavo

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