April 25, 2008

Ebay Tips #3: Beware of Sellers From China

Avoid Sellers from China as much as possible. I hate to admit this but I am also disappointed the way Ebay Sellers from China are using effective tactics to keep themselves on Ebay. Chinese are notorious in terms of counterfeiting, imitation, and other tricky deception that even includes the effective use of ambiguity.

The porcelain market on Ebay is the current victim of such syndication. Too many fakes are now being sold on Ebay that most buyers avoid looking at Ebay for possible purchases. If you are looking for those stuffs, you might as well try www.trocadero.com instead.

Most of the fake coins circulating on Ebay that are most possibly made from China are the Pillar Dollars, Gold Pandas, Chinese Dollars, Trade Dollars, Trial Strike And Pattern Coins, Spanish Cobs, Sycee, and there are still other countless undocumented fakes surfacing in the market right now.

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