May 17, 2008

Numismatic Articles II

The Flora And Fauna Patterns, Errors, And Trial Strikes Part 2

Here is another fifty centavos of the same denomination which just like its bigger version is also being suspected as a trial piece or a pattern since there were no bronze planchets produced for Philippine coins during that time. The governments intention of reducing the production or minting cost of coins and at the same time reduced the metal content of coins resulted to the smaller version of the Flora and Fauna series. The designs were similar only that the newer twenty-five centavos and fifty centavos have reeded edges and of course the color of the fifty centavos planchets were the same with that of the twenty-five centavos. This specimen is also in an uncirculated condition and even has luster. There were no other reported specimen that came out in the market except this one and this is again another exciting discovery in the world of Philippine numismatic. more>>>

Rare Manila Mint Struck Wilson Dollar Gold to be auctioned...

A rare Philippine Numismatic treasure is about to be auctioned this coming April 16-18 at Rosemont, Illinois. The official Medal struck at the Manila Mint, the only Mint established outside of the United States Mainland when it opened in 1920 known as the Wilson dollar. An exceedingly rare item with only three known mintage. more>>>

1910-S United States-Philippines Ten Centavos

It had been more than two decades since the 1910 San Francisco Mint Ten Centavos was published that if somebody would have found it, the collector would have paid a great sum to have the fabled coin. The 1910 S is one of the famous numismatic pieces that had a very colorful background. Almost a century and there is still no confirmed and graded specimen had ever surfaced except for those 1918 S that were with altered dates to look like the 1910 S. Luckily, I was able to meet the person who claimed that he possesses the most intriguing coin in Philippine numismatic history. He don’t want to tell his name for a valid reason since nowadays that fakery and counterfeiting are so rampant that he wanted to protect his name and integrity, and the same with that of his prize possession. more>>>

The Philippine Numismatic And Antiquarian Society Emblem
Founded on March 16, 1929 and One of the oldest Numismatic Club in the World

Recently, I was surprised to know that the Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society, the oldest numismatic organization in the Philippines is bombarded with political controversy. Two factions emerged, a newly set of elected officers facilitated the establishment of a new governance mostly composed of younger members while the other faction, the incumbent officers, who declined to submit to the majority, remained and decided to continue their own version of the organization. So now, there are two Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Societies. Both are competing against each other and have concluded their respective auctions both on same set of dates. The incident started when last December, the organization held its annual election. Majority of the officers who won the election elected their pick for presidency. However, the minority of the group did not accept the mandate. Thus, started the creation of two organizations. The first one is headed by Tomas De Guzman, Jr. or “Temboy” as he is known to fellow numismatists. On the other hand, Atty. William Villareal leads the other faction and installed himself as president otherwise. more>>>

The PNAS Auction that Everyone talks about

This is the Auction that everybody talks about. They were only aware of this rare auction based on accounts by other people but they have never seen the actual catalog. It is very rare to see one of the copies of the Noli Me Tangere even in pictures since only a number of copies was printed and did survive. The photograph of the actual book was a very rare seen and seeing the actual dedication of Jose Rizal even in picture is phenomenal especially this one dedicated to Nelly Boustead, and with “the dedication” shrouded by mystery. Did Rizal know that he was going to die then at the hands of the Spaniards? Well, most of us could only recall Rizal’s love affair with Josephine Bracken and that Rizal was a reformist and not a revolutionary. But what had happened then why the reformist who declined a number of offers to join the Katipunan, who was not in favor of absolute Nationalism, and who have lived most of his life in a foreign country rather than his became the igniting flame of the revolution. Perhaps this book gave us the clue. Whatever Rizal’s reason that he made this dedication, it surely made me think again about my Rizal subjects back at the university. more>>>

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