May 16, 2008

Numismatic Articles I

In the Beginning

Just like the phrase mentioned in the bible, there are always forces that triggers an event to happen. In the case of Philippine Numismatic, it all started out from a past time against boredom, loneliness, and the longing for ones home that gave life to a living passion.

Gilbert Perez, was just among the thousand of educators on board the Thomasite who chose to leave the United States and seek a new beginning in the East. The United States was under an economic recession that had brought down the number of opportunities for local employment and forces the young professionals to accept risky job offers abroad. The young Gilbert Perez had no idea what awaits him in the Philippines, other than the hope from a migrant who has faith on what is called "The American Dream". more>>>

Collecting Coin is Fun?

When I started out collecting coins, most people thought that I had a weird hobby. Since, I always spent a portion of my allowance on coins, my parents would even think that I was wasting my time and coin collecting was detrimental. I was aware that I was the only one even in my class who has such passion for coins but i really don't know what made me kept happy whenever I add a piece of penny or a couple of change found from a "balikbayan" neighbors "pasalubong" to my collection. I felt excited whenever I visit a local coin shop or an antique shop to glance at some of the displays and always told myself that I would buy one in the future after i had asked the owner how much the price of that piece would be. more>>>

Part I: The United States And Philippines Coinage

In 1902 a bill was signed by the President Theodore Roosevelt authorizing a new and distinct coinage to be struck for use in the United States Territory. The designs were to signify the United States absorption and sovereignty over the newly established territory, the Islands of the Philippines, a former Spanish colony. more>>>

Rare Error emerged from An Old Collector's Vault: The 1944-S White Metal

This coin, a 1944 San Francisco Mint One Centavo recently surfaced from an old collector's hoard. It seems to be the first reported error of a United States and the Philippines coinage that is unique. Previously reported off-metal coins were either under the categories of double denomination or a coin struck on a planchet used for another denomination or a coin struck on foreign planchet. But since this coin is very unusual, it may either be a pattern or a trial strike. Basically it is not made of copper nor silver but a white metal. I'm sure that further analysis and research should be made to determine its classification. The new owner wishes to submit this coin to a numismatic grading company soon. Again, another exciting discovery in the world of Philippine Numismatic. more>>>

The Flora And Fauna Patterns, Errors, and Trial Strikes Part 1

Another pair of amazing errors emerged from an old collector's vault. This time it came from the modern coins produced by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. In 1983, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) produced a series of coins which is called the "flora and fauna" where it featured the indigenous plants and animals of the Philippines. One of the most familiar animal used on these designs was that of the eagle, where it made a second appearance in a Philippine coin only then, the eagle being featured was the Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga Jefferyi) instead of the previously used American Bald Eagle during the period of American occupation. This denomination become an interesting piece for collectors of Philippine coins since errors began appearing soon after the series were issued to the public. Misspelled names were the caused why the BSP had to re-issue two of the denominations involved, the ten centavos and the fifty centavos coins. The Latin name of the Philippine Eagle was spelled as "Pithecobhaga Jefferyi" instead of "Pithecophaga Jefferyi". more>>>

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