May 18, 2008

Numismatic Articles IV

What Make Coins Sell Millions?

When I was younger I thought coin sold for millions are too good to be true. I never believed that a coin could be sold that much, especially for those worn-out cents. I mean, who would willingly pay thousands of dollars for worn-out cents…that is unbelievable! Then as my knowledge and skill mature, I began joining clubs and attending auctions and there I became witness to some coins sold for millions. Still, those did not easily convince me, since I thought it is just another case of the cliché “Conspiracy Theory”. That is not impossible because any owner could participate in the bidding process and there are probably other accomplices involve therefore, in the end they only made the price of the coin escalated for us to believe that the coin was sold for millions of dollars. It was a mystery for me how a single piece of demonetized cents can be sold for several millions of dollars. So what makes coins sell for millions? more>>>

Selling Coins In Ebay...Is it still profitable?

I should have put this article in the “Ebay Tips” section but I don’t want to miss the opportunity of giving a fresh opinion regarding Ebay’s eccentric policies. Ebay Australia has officially announced that transactions will now be carried out via Paypal, Ebay’s official payment system. Bank and other payment services are filing complaint against this move, and other active Ebayers are now looking for alternatives to counter Ebay’s monopoly. Now, would it still be profitable for Seller’s like us to sell coins on Ebay? more>>>

Coin Collecting Basics

As a collector, I’ve read a lot of information regarding coin collecting but most of them are not that informative at all. These are the basic rules in collecting not just coins, but presumably the hobby collectively: more>>>

The Mysterious White 25 Centavos

I have recently acquired a collection of unusual errors composing of a series of odd twenty-five centavo coins. Instead of the usual golden yellowish texture, these coins are white metallic textured. I though first that these coins were intentionally dipped into zinc thus making the white appearance but my assumption was wrong, these coins were actually white plated coins in mint condition. The Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas could not explained how did this happen but after scrutiny these appears to be coins struck on foreign planchets or possibly planchets intended for another denomination or old stock planchets. The one dating 2001 looks like the golden plating missing but what I don’t understand is how it become nickel plated. I understand that the Central Bank is the minting this type of coin and no other planchet produced in the past that had the similar characteristic as this one so how have it become white. Definitely, I don’t have the answer at the moment and I’m still doing some researches in the archives and library of the BSP so I could later provide you with the definite answer. Meanwhile, here are the images for you to analyze. more>>>

Fake vs. Authentic: Why do Contemporary Fakes Sell More?

If you are going to check Ebay and type the word “contemporary counterfeit” under the category of “coins and banknote", you’ll be amazed to see how counterfeit coins and banknote are doing well. For the new collectors, it seems odd that sometimes fakes are more expensive than the original. Well, I myself collect fake coins and banknote and I consider these materials as pieces of history. For example you’ll be amazed to know that there are very interesting stories behind these unusual materials. Recently, I have added to my collection several Five Pesos that were counterfeited by a Taiwanese syndicate. I have catalogued several specimen and found that other than the known 2002 date, there were also other samples accounted for dating 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2001. What is the reason behind this activity is still a mystery up to this date since the cost of counterfeiting this coin is more expensive than the original coin itself. Some say that this is part of an economic sabotage, someone mentioned that there is more on the content of the metal than the coin’s monetary value, other than those gossips no other explanation surfaced. more>>>

Markings Guerilla Note

One of the most colorful episodes of our history was during the Second World War. Though it was also one of the most chaotic yet, it was also the time when Filipinos showed their resourcefulness and innovations during the times of crisis.

The Guerilla Note or War script was issued during War and it was authorized by the Commonwealth Government to finance the local resistance and underground war machinery. Guerilla notes were issued by several faction of resistance formed and established by the few surviving soldier from the Fall of Bataan and other battles all over the Philippines. Most of them were founded by American soldiers and Philippine Scouts. more>>>

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