June 20, 2008

Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society: At War with Itself???

To All Members/Visitors/Readers:

I apologize for being slow in responding to some of your questions since I am currently busy with my studies and businesses at the same time. The catalog that I promised to issue last week was postponed due to some glitches in the software that I used so I am manually transferring the whole data to another format and platform so please bear with me.

As I mentioned before, I have already discontinued my membership with PNAS (Philippine Antiquarian and Numismatic Society) because of too much politics and immoral conducts. But the troubled organizations still haunts me and few colleagues and friends have been consulting me and asking my opinion regarding this matter thus, I cannot anymore stay in my comfort zone and keep silent about the ongoing issue in PNAS.

It was no surprise that I have been receiving e-mails lately from both opposing groups in our Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society. It became apparent that each and everyone are blaming each other and throwing accusations that the issue has already reached the local court. I am not representing any of the opposing groups but I as a collector, but this doesn't mean that their issue is not affecting me. Of course the victims here are people who just like ourselves are just interested in collecting coins and in our own little way recognized that we too can make difference in this world by conserving what is left of our national heritage.

Collecting coins doesn't require physical, academic, financial, social, political, or professional standard that I myself learned as the opposite when I joined PNAS. It was a sad experience that when I first encountered the organization, the first question that I answered was "Your coins are fake! By the way, Are you selling those?" It was my fault that despite that premonition I still decided to give it a try and thought that maybe it was just an isolated case but then again, after less than 4 years of being with the organization, the truth became unbearable.

Would you believe that once PNAS had members such as former President Ferdinand Marcos, Fernando Zobel de Ayala, and other famous people. Sad to say that PNAS lost its VISION AND MISSION not only to its members but also to its country otherwise. The gentlemen who formerly occupy the PNAS leadership were replaced by GREEDY DEALERS and BUSINESSMEN who would try to do everything just to maintain power and monopolize the trade of antiquities and precious metal industry since this is a big business. It is sad to say that while I am writing this article hundreds of coins are now being melted on the pots in places such as ARRANQUE and MEYCUAYAN which as numismatists-collectors, we should have been saving and protecting.

From an organization established to propagate the interest of numismatic and conservation of our National Treasure, the organization transformed into a corporate syndicate masquerading as a non-government organization that is being manipulated by the interest of the few and has a function no other than facilitating the slaughter of our own cultural treasure.

POLITICS!!! POLITICS!!! POLITICS!!! Can't you guys say something new other than criticizing each other? Collecting coins doesn't require a Phd or a LAW DEGREE and that is a HARD FACT. If you would like to parade your academic qualification, your fortune, and your corporate background then you should apply for a job or join a Society Club instead. I myself have a colorful academic background to brag about but I don’t want to mix it with my personal hobby. We are gathering here because we have one passion and that is we all love collecting coins, despite of our physical condition, social standing, academic status, religion, expertise, profession, etc. Isn't that hard to understand?

I started this website using my own money, I am doing my research using also my money, and I am trying to help other collectors and wannabe collectors using also my money despite being financially constraint due to my studies and family duties. But that did not deter me to always set aside an hour or more everyday to maintain this website, write articles, research, buy coins, and save some coins from the melting pot without asking a single cent or a membership fee from all of my readers nor any from my friends and colleagues. Isn't that hard? No it is not hard because this my passion, OUR PASSION!!!

I hope that this should set an example to all other collectors. If we would all start doing some actions and keep our mouth shut at the same time, I think we could all move forward. Always remember that it doesn’t take an organization for you to start and improve with this hobby. It’s all about PASSION. Thank you very much to all the readers and members and happy hunting!


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