August 15, 2008

Unknown Money, Many Stories Part 2: The Mindanao Federal Note

The Mindanao Federal Note

The Mindanao Federal Reserve Note was produced in the 1970’s as several political factions saw a rare opportunity of advancing their political agenda by isolating Mindanao from the rest of the country and start a new autonomous region.

This rare note was once abundant during that time but since most people were afraid of possessing such notes for the country was still under Martial Law. Most of these notes were burned, thrown in the garbage, or left neglected for fear of being accused of treason.

Until recently that the media intercepted a report that the same region will undergo a constitutional change, that the campaign for Federalism once again resurrected from a deep hibernation. The only difference, was that Federalism was aimed on permitting the whole Mindanao to have a its own autonomous government but this time, it is more complicated.

What makes this note particularly unique is its design which shows an American bald eagle on the reverse rather than adopting the Philippine eagle which is ironically an indigenous of the Mindanao itself. This particular note mimics the United States dollar by using the same green color and the currency name "dollar".

Looking at the signatures otherwise, both were signed by Christians and not by the Moros which makes this note particularly different from the usual slogans and advocates of Federalism. Signed by Reuben R. Canoy as the chairman and his Secretary General, Lorenzo M. Dela Serna.


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