January 28, 2009

4 students claim to have dug up old Japanese bills, gold coins

Four elementary students in Jaen, Nueva Ecija, a province located a hundred of kilometers up north of Manila reportedly dug a box containing several Japanese paper money and gold coins. Report says that the students were called by a school teacher when she found that the four students were playing their with finds. One of them claimed that among the notes and the coins were pieces of documents which were written in unknown characters and in red ink. "I tried to erase it, but the red ink won't go." one of them added.

The school teacher explained to the media that she did not see any gold coins among those she confiscated. "Those were included in the hoard were just play money," she explained.

Video courtesy of GMANews.tv

The students added that their teacher told them to throw away the box afterward. One of them said that they dug the box at the school yard while they were playing. When they opened the box, they thought that the coins and money inside were just play money since they don't recognize it. They used the coins as a substitute for pebbles used for playing a local outdoor game.

Meanwhile, the children said that their teacher left them only with the paper money, which they later showed to the media.

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