January 29, 2009

Coin collector in Batangas adorns home with rare finds

Different kinds of ashtray, wine and perfume bottles, key chains, postage stamps, utensils, and all sorts of figurines are just among Rodolfo Punzalan’s collections that adorn his house in Bauan, Batangas province.

He was still a child when he started collecting coins and became a devoted coin collector since the 1970s. From coins, he soon became fond of collecting other items.

The 62 year-old collector, who works as an auditor for the Commission on Audit in Batangas City, could no longer count how many money he has so far collected.

Some are placed in frames while some are kept in coin albums.

His coin collections include money from centuries ago and from different countries. In fact, he has a one dollar Marilyn Monroe coin and a coin exclusively for lepers. He also has a keepsake of paper money used exclusively in some provinces during the old days.

Other collections

He also collects rosaries, one of which is made from santol fruit. He buys most of his collections. Some are given to him while some he won in fairs.

He admitted that initially his children would disagree with this past time. They have gotten used to it now that they even helped him collect new items, he said.

Antique items such as flat irons, wooden basins and rice containers are also among his treasures. His collections have become varied that sometimes school children would visit his house as part of their educational field trip.

The collector said his hobby brings him an unexplainable happiness that he would rather stay home and just look at them. Currently, Punzalan is looking for chessboards and belt buckles to collect. By SARITA KARE, ABS-CBN Southern Tagalog

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