February 19, 2009

Gold Mining Village under threat of Landslide

Mount Diwalwal has been a home for so many residents now where rags-to-riches stories were made and gold struck tales were as common as the people's lives. In fact, the whole community itself sit on top of the gold mine, and the whole village ground as the mine itself.

Several years ago, Mt. Diwalwal was a no man's land and was known as the "Wild West" until recently when the villagers started organizing themselves, Peace settles in the community.

Students there were even given with medals literally made out of Gold which were donations by residents to encourage and uplift the literacy rate of the community, since most residence are illiterate themselves.

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Now, due to landslide hazards, Mount Diwalwal (Mt. Diwata) in the southern province of Compostela Valley has been declared a no-man's land, not fit for human habitation, an online news site reported.

Poor environmental practices and lack of precautions among the miners themselves who have literally made crisscrossed underground tunnels under the village loosened the soil. Cracks have developed in three areas amid heavy rains that pounded Diwalwal.

The crisis committee formed after the threat was discovered announced that the place is not safe and villagers should be moved to safer ground.

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