February 1, 2009

Wreck of renowned British warship found in Channel

Two years ago, the famous Deep Sea Marine exploration vessel "Odyssey" made a controversial discovery off the coast of Spain. The exploration company salvaged gold coins believed to be from a lost Spanish galleon which sank before it reached Spain's shores. The exploration vessel's succes was said to have caused minor protest over the issue of territorial claim since the vessel, according to some analyst, might have found the wreck inside the territorial waters of Spain. However, the issue died down and the coins, majority of which are gold, were lifted and brought to the United States.

Deep-sea explorers who struck it rich two years ago say they have made another big find – the wreck of a legendary British warship.

Odyssey Marine Exploration is still looking for the 100,000 gold coins believed to be aboard the HMS Victory when it sank in the English Channel in 1744. The Florida-based company found the shipwreck in May and has recovered cannons and other artifacts.

The ship was the largest and most heavily armed vessel of its day.

Odyssey made a splash two years ago when it brought up coins from the wreck of a Spanish galleon that could turn out to be worth $500 million. The coins from the Victory could be worth even more.

Odyssey executives are discussing the find at a Monday news conference in London.-AP

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