October 7, 2009

Gold hits an all time high of $1045, dollar continues to plunge

Gold prices surged to a new high Tuesday as investors sought a safe harbor from a falling dollar and inflation.

Gold for December delivery rose to as high as $1,045 an ounce, surpassing a previous intraday high of $1,033.90 logged in March 2008, just days after Bear Stearns Cos. collapsed.

Gold also had a record high closing price, finishing the day at $1,039.70 an ounce, up $21.19, or 2.2 percent. Some analysts see the dollar rising to $1,100 in the coming days.

Gold's advance was stoked by a tumbling dollar, which hit a 14-month low against the Australian currency after Australia became the first major country to raise interest rates since the onset of the financial crisis.

The move signals that Australia believes its economy is strengthening enough to withstand a slight increase in borrowing costs, and made the Australian currency a higher-yielding and thus more attractive investment to fund managers versus the US dollar.

Meanwhile, the Philippine peso continues to strengten on a daily basis as analysts predicted due to the the falling value of the dollar. Russia and China have recently express their concern that their crude importation will not rely anymore on the dollar but on basket of currencies.

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