May 20, 2010

GINTO: A Documentary of Kara David

Sixty years after the Japanese Occupation, rumors of gold left hidden in the Philippines still live. In Cagayan Valley, one of the last strongholds of the Japanese during the war, there is a city of tunnels – an intricate network of underground passages that were built by locals in search of hidden treasures.


Kara David meets Tatang Ago, 82 years old, a living witness who claims he carried highly valuable and secret packages for the Japanese before the war ended. He recalls being instructed never to look at the contents of the mysterious packages which he believed were tucked away in their town.

Together with Tatang Ago’s son “Ben", Kara David begins her own search for hidden gold and discovers an old balete tree that hides a tunnel underneath. They discover chambers inside the tunnel, and markings believed to have been left by the Japanese. Tatang Ago and his son are convinced that the treasure is within their reach...




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